Freelance Front-End Developer

Web & Mobile

Hi, I am Benoit Maigret, I build web and mobile applications with React. For 7 years I have worked in web development. After a few years working in an agency, I launched my own business in 2014.

Passionate about the web, I like the opportunity to work on human and ambitious projects. I like to produce performant, accessible and maintainable applications. That's why a part of my job is learning and training to the new technologies and the good practices. At the moment, I'm passing the opquast certification and I'm learning ReasonMl.

I rarely work alone, I'm lucky to know few freelancers I trust and work with them often. Your project is ambitious? I would get a strong and experienced team on my side. For the webdesign part, I work with my partner Sandro Matera.

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